Tuesday, February 3, 2009

nienie Dialogues

I just added the nienie blog to my favorite blogs, and can I just say that my absolute goal in life is to be a fraction of the wife and mother that she is...

My sister Katy has told me all about this blog and the plane crash that her and her husband were in. I went to it right after I had heard her story, and was in awe of this woman that was such a wonderful mother and wife, however that was before I was ever a mom myself. I think having Luke has made me appreciate her on a whole new level. The way that this woman is with her kids and her husband make me want to be better at these things myself. She really appreciates life and all of the small and wonderful moments that make it up.

So...in turn...I have decided (only a month late) on my new year's resolution, and it is to be much better at appreciating all of the amazing things about my life, big and small...to be more like nienie.

Pleae check out her blog, you will be soooooo glad you did! Love you all!

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