Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (so...you pretty much love me now)

I have been a little amiss with the blog posts, and I am sorry, but hopefully now that summer is coming to an end I can pick it back up! I have been a busy little bee this summer with a complete backyard remodel (that I will be posting pics of soon...), trips to NM, family visiting, and planning a bridal shower for one of the most amazing girls I know! Not to mention the little 10 month old that I have been chasing around! Speaking of the little guy...how much do I love those little lips in the photo below?!

1 comment:

iheartkiwi said...

luke enjoying his new backyard! he's so darn cute. i love the way the sun comes through the water drops...

you guys have been busy missy... that was one amazing shower:)