Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The 55th President??

The other day I had just finished giving Luke his bath and I put him in his chair with some toys and books. I went to get the camera cause he just looked so cute, and he was just playing with the book and it ended up looking like he was actually reading it! Maybe he WAS actually reading it...maybe he is a genius...a prodigy...possibly the future president of the United States! I was thinking about him being president because that morning we had actually been watching the inauguration of President Obama, and I wanted to get a picture of Luke watching the extraordinary event so that he will know where he was when it happened....in his Bumbo seat!
After taking the picture though I soon realized though that he wasn't actually reading, but just getting the book into position to chew on it! Oh well...he could still be president one day! :)


Tami said...

I can't believe how fast sweet Luke has grown! Makes me sad when I think of how fast our babies grow up! AND...just to remind you, I think your baby is the CUTEST blonde EVER...!

Mimi said...

Christy, I LOVE your updates on the blog. The photos are wonderful and its great to read. Thanks for keeping it up for all of us who are too far away to see all of you very often. This really helps. Love you all, M

Greg, Kelli, and Dillon said...

Haha! He is too cute! I definitely think he could be the next president. He is a genius to already be reading at 3 months! I too took pics of Dillon watching President Obama getting sworn in because it was such a monumental day! I miss you guys and love you!