Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Luke's 5 Month Birthday Today!

So...I have been writing different posts in my head over the past few weeks, and kept meaning to post them, but I just haven't really gotten around to it! SORRY! So over the next few days I will try and get them all out there!

I am going to post a more detailed post about this soon, but I just have to mention that I am a new aunt to precious Atticus Ryne Morrow! Katy had him on Feb. 19th, which was about 4 weeks early, and we are just thanking God that he is perfectly healthy! He was 7.9 lbs. and 19in., which is BIG for being that early, but the doctors are thinking that they were probably about two weeks off on her due date. So they kept trying to stop her labor, but he was just too excited and ready to come out and join the party...just like someone else I know...never wanting to miss a thing! Jon, Katy, and Atticus are all doing just wonderful, and they are the most amazing parents ever! Like I said, I will be posting MUCH more on this soon, but I am trying to catch up on my posts in order!

My baby boy is five months old today! Can you even believe it! I am just trying to soak him in more and more everyday because it is going by much to fast! The first post I was writing in my mind was about his 4 month appt., so I guess it is about time I get that one up! He is growing perfectly any of us didn't know that! He was 19.4 lbs. and 27.5 in. long, which still has him off the charts in comparison. However his head (which was 17in. I think) puts him in the 65%! I guess he has a pin head, but I am pretty sure it is perfect for his size! HAHA! Here is a picture from after the appt. He got five more shots and was such a wonderful boy!

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Tami said...

happy birthday you little cutie patootie!